Your Beef Check-Off Dollar at Work!
Auxiliary of South Dakota Stock Growers Association

Week of March 2-9, 2014 ~  

Yeah its 25 degrees outside finally and it looks like it is going to stay above zero the rest of the week.  That will be great since we have a few things on our chore list this week.  

Doesn’t sound like I have to much time for the family but luckily we work together on the ranch.  The boys enjoy helping out and seems to find laughter and fun in all the chores we have to do.  Here is my middle-man learning his numbers with the freeze brand irons!  Hope the temperature stays above 0!!


Roast Beef

(With Spinach Quiche & Acorn Squash)

Hearty Italian Sandwiches

*20 Minutes or Less

(Cabbage & Jicama Coleslaw)

Cheesy Beef Pocket Pie

(Lettuce Salad)




Swiss Steak

*Slower Cooker or Freeze & Forget It

(Served over Pasta)

Carrot Meat Loaf

(Served with Baked Potato)

Peach Marmalade Beef Stir-Fry

(Served with Whole Grain Brown Rice)



Blackened T-Bone Steak

(Served with  Potato Wedges)


March 10 - Beef Day @ the Capitol
March 10 - Quarterly Spring Meeting
May 1 - Scholarship Applications                          Due Date
May 12 - Region III & VII Registration Due
June 8-14 - Riding for the Ranchers ('Powered by Beef' - Bicycle Race)
June 12-14 - Region III & VII Meeting
Did you know...More than 97% of beef farms in the United States are family owned.  South Dakota has over 15,000 Beef producers. South Dakota has 3.7 million beef cattle.  That is approximately, 4.5 animals for every citizen in SD.