Your Beef Check-Off Dollar at Work!
Auxiliary of South Dakota Stock Growers Association


Roast Beef

(With Spinach Quiche & Acorn Squash)

Hearty Italian Sandwiches

*20 Minutes or Less

(Cabbage & Jicama Coleslaw)

Cheesy Beef Pocket Pie

(Lettuce Salad)




Swiss Steak

*Slower Cooker or Freeze & Forget It

(Served over Pasta)

Carrot Meat Loaf

(Served with Baked Potato)

Peach Marmalade Beef Stir-Fry

(Served with Whole Grain Brown Rice)



Blackened T-Bone Steak

(Served with  Potato Wedges)


Aug. 28 - Sept. 1 - Beef Booth -
SD State Fair
Aug. 30 - SD Beef Cook Off -
SD State Fair
Sept. 5 - 6 - Sam's Club Promotion -
Sioux Falls & Rapid City
Sept. 6 - "Powered By Beef"  - Youth Football Promotion in Spearfish
Sept. 25 - 27 - SD StockGrowers Convention - SD CattleWomen Annual Meeting
Oct. 17 - 18 - Expo For Her - SD Cattlemen's Auxiliary
Oct. 17 - 18 - Social ANCW President Buck Meeting
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August 27-  It has been a busy summer chasing the boys to baseball and t-ball games, exhibiting things in our local fair, putting up hay for the upcoming winter and attending various CattleWomen events.  One great event I was able to go to with my mother, Kay Abbott, was the Region III & VII meeting in Minnesota.  The picture shows the great location where the meeting was held.  It was amazing to meet other cattlewomen from six different states that volunteer their time also to promote beef.  It inspires me get out there and hopefully round up more cattlewomen to help out with the task.  Contact us and see how you can be a part of the SD CattleWomen.